Choose Sweet Pea Flowers Wedding Theme for Your Wedding

Spring weddings are all splashes with a lot of color and vigor. They are symbolic of greenery, happiness colors, joy and love. And, there is no better way to solemnize a spring wedding than to go for a sweet peas theme wedding. Sweet peas are little flowers available in various attractive colors. They are the perfect embodiment of the season of spring. So, if you wish to join hands with your partner during this season then go for a sweet peas theme wedding.

Sweet peas are all about delicate flowers filled with colors of all kinds. The best way to use the sweet peas for your wedding theme is to not plan out anything at all. Do not make patterns or designs and just place the flowers as you like them.

Starting with bridal bouquet, with sweet pea flowers, you will have the world's lightest bouquet. Since the stems of this flower are very light, you can not expect to get a lighter bouquet for yourself. Also a tiara made with white sweet peas is just the best thing that could adorn a bride's head and still be feather light.

Let the wedding decorations be a true spectrum of all the colors that sweet peas are available in. You could decorate the tables, the chairs and the walls and the pillars in the colors you like. Make it a point that when the way to aisle is all scattered with petals of sweet peas in the form of a narrow passage for the bride and the groom to walk upon.

You could get the back seat of a roofless car filled with flowers with some of them stemming out of it and it would become a lovely little vehicle for the couple to rush out in after the celebrations are over.

Do not forget to get arranged some colorful dresses for your bridesmaid. Let them not be similar and just wear different colors of their choice with the matching bridesmaid bouquets. The bride wearing a white gown would look even more attractive amidst them.

For wedding favors, select treasure boxes laced in different attractive colors and fill them with little mints of the matching color. They would work as the best wedding favors and your guests are sure to like them a lot. You could also attach personalized thank you notes to these boxes, for your guests and then just wait and watch their reactions at such personalized attention.

Thus, you could exploit the wedding theme in the best way and rest assured that your guests and you yourself would love it for sure.