Choosing a Tulip Wedding Theme

Spring is one of the most favorite seasons during the year when couples like to tie knot and exchange vows to live their lives together in all bliss similar to this beautiful season. Spring is symbolic of happiness and prosperity and a lot of colors. Of all the flowers that come alive at this time of the year one is Tulip. It is a flower that is available in multiple colors and so is a favored choice when it comes to selecting a floral theme for your wedding.

A tulip wedding theme could just add life to the grand event and make it synonymous to the very season of spring. The beauty of tulips is known to all. So, let's take a look at how you can use this amazing flower to make your wedding as beautiful as a tulip field in full bloom during the springtime.

Bride and groom could do a lot with tulips
Tulips are the perfect flowers for the bridal bouquet of every bride. A bridal bouquet having the tulips of all colors of the rainbow is such a pretty sight. Else, a sober bride could pick a bridal bouquet made up of white tulips that look elegant and classy. For the groom, a half abloom white tulip is just the most appropriate boutonniere.

Bring the Wedding Decorations Alive With Tulips
Wedding decorations and tulips are just the perfect combination. There is nothing better that you could use for the purpose. Place large bouquet of tulips in clear vases half filled with transparent crystals. You could further tie a contracting ribbon to each vase with a bow and there go your perfect centerpieces.

Use some cascading tulip bouquets to hang around on walls and pillars. If you have your wedding outside in the garden then get some poles erected and decorate them all around with tulips of multiple colors.

The wedding aisle could be decorated with a single flower theme. You could go for fuschia pink tulips. They would look great and also highlight the aisle perfectly amidst all the other decoration.

Tulip wedding favors
Just buy some tulip shaped gift boxes and fill them with tulip mints of multi colors. Just go about decorating the boxes with a little ribbon or lace and top it all with a tulip bulb. You could use different favorite colors for your special guests and thus please them all the more.

Wedding cake for tulip wedding theme
A perfectly suited wedding cake could be any cake of your chosen flavor with an icing supplemented by real tulip decoration. Purple tulips are a favorite when it comes to decorating cakes and they are undoubtedly amazing.

So, this is how you could use tulips to bring a tulip wedding theme to life.