Let Your Wedding Bloom with Daisy Flowers

If it's summer time and your wedding is just round the corner, nothing could be better than opting for a daisy flower wedding theme for the same. Daisies are simple but very popular flowers that could add a 'nothing like it' touch to your wedding!

Let's take a look at how you could go about using daisies in various things, to make your wedding party great!

Wedding decorations
You could place wicker baskets at various spots at the venue. Put in some white and yellow satin and glues daisies around the edges of the basket. You could also add some ribbons and bows to add on to the charm of the baskets. They would serve as beautiful decoration pieces for tables too.

You could also get some enlarged pictures of daisies and cut them out to shape. Stick these photos to the walls. Likewise, you could also stick a lot of these cuttings behind the head table and make a beautiful background for taking photographs.

Daisy wedding favors
You could take small pots in pastel colors and fill them with daisy shaped chocolates. Tie a ribbon or string around them. Daisy shaped soaps rapped in handmade paper and decorated with beautiful yellow or white lace could also serve as the perfect wedding favors.

You could also gift bottles of bubbles to your guests. Just tape a silk daisy to the bottle and it's all done. If you are looking for something more simple then you could simply wrap the chocolate bars in daisy wrappers and let them delight your guests.

For the bride and bridesmaids
When your wedding theme is all about daisies then the bride has to carry a wedding bouquet made of daisies. You could either go for a hand tied bouquet or a one, as you like. Get a daisy pearl tiara made for yourself. It will look simple and beautiful! You could also get beaded daisies sewn in to your wedding gown.

For bridesmaids, yellow gowns with matching chiffon scarves would go perfectly well with the theme. They could also carry daisy bouquets to synchronize perfectly with the theme.

For groom and groomsmen
A daisy boutonniere with the suit of your choice blends perfectly with the daisy wedding theme. You could wear a matching colored cummerbund to go along with the theme.

Thus, you could use daisies in the various aspects of your wedding decorations and have a truly delightful daisy wedding theme this summer. It is advisable to be a little more creative wherein you may use African daisies, Dahlberg daisies, English daisies, Gerber daisies, Gloriosa daisies, Painted daisies, Shasta daisies or wild daises, as you like. You could try out new colors or go for the traditional white and yellow.