Go For a Dandy Daffodil Wedding Theme

Theme based weddings are quite in these days. And amongst the various themes suggested by wedding venue decorators, flower themes are most popular amongst people. Further, people have shown a liking towards daffodil as the chosen flower. So if you are one amongst them, here are some tips on how to have such a theme wedding.

Daffodils are often considered representatives of that which is new. As bright fresh flowers, they mark the arrival of the season of spring. Marriages too are equated with the season of spring as both symbolize the coming fertility. Hence, daffodils are suitable for marking the beginning of this new phase in your and everybody else’s life.

Daffodils can be either loosely tied up and placed in different nooks and corners of the wedding venue or can be strategically placed in a pattern. The pattern can be created with either wooden or metal frames. These frames can be then filled with daffodil flowers and placed in different areas of the wedding venue.

The color scheme that can be created with this flower will be vibrant. The primary colors that can be seen inside the flower are white, peach, and bright yellow. Further, planners can also opt for those daffodils that are grown in solid colors or a mix of two different colors. This would add vibrancy to the flower arrangement in the wedding.

If you find daffodil arrangement to be expensive then you can opt for simple potted daffodil flowers. These can be placed all around the venue and could also be placed as centre-table pieces. These are inexpensive and can also be gifted away at the end of the ceremony.

Daffodils, apart from being used for decoration of the venue, can be also used to deck up the wedding attire of both the bride and the groom. Daffodils loosely wrapped in a ribbon can easily complement the bride’s white spring gown. The groom could wear blue tuxedos with yellow cummerbunds and complement them with a daffodil boutonniere.

The bridesmaids could wear dresses in a contrasting color, such as peach or yellow depending on the flower colors chosen, and carry a single daffodil of the corresponding color. The groomsmen could wear the same dress code as worn by the groom but can find an alternative to the boutonniere. Instead of a daffodil boutonniere, they can sport a pocket handkerchief which has a daffodil embroidered on it.

Finally, you can have daffodils on the wedding invitation cards as well. There are many intricate patterns sporting a daffodil in various ways which wedding card designers can offer you. All you need to do is to choose the one that is to your liking and you can then have a complete, daffodil-based wedding.