Floral Wedding Theme- Tie Knot in Lap of Lily of the Valley Flowers

Lily of the valley is symbolic of being beautiful yet modest. The flower does not face the sky but despite being an absolute beauty remains hanging with its face towards the earth. These are bell shaped cute little flowers that are white in color. Lily of the valley is available in the late spring, in early winter in the month of March. So, if you wish to use a valley of the lily wedding theme for your wedding then you have to plan your wedding near about this time itself.

So let's take a look at how you can use lily of the valley flowers to have a perfect dream wedding. You could actually find your wedding similar to one of the fairy tale weddings with valley of the lily as your wedding theme flower.

First of all, you must know that white and green color would rule the whole even. To start with wedding invitations get a white card with green valley of the lily motif on it and a striped white and green envelope.

Come to the wedding decorations, Use light green chair covers and white table cloth. White crockery teamed with white and green napkins would make perfect tables. You could use cute little fish bowls filled with lily of the valley flowers for table decorations. If you want a bigger centerpiece then you could use a single large bowl in place of numerous small ones.

For the decoration of the aisle and the main table use lily of the valley ceremony candles and champagne glasses with base taped with artificial or real valley of the lily flowers. You could use a similar cake serving set.

Next is the wedding cake. A white cake adorned with eatable lilies of the valley would just look perfect. You could also use real greenery for the seasoning of the cake. If that does not suit your taste then you could go for a lily of the valley cake topper or use a crown made with real flowers for the same.

The bridal bouquet could be a beautiful nosegay arrangement of lily of the valley along with some greenery to complement it. The bridesmaids could also sport a similar bouquet a little smaller in size. The groom could go for a lily of the valley boutonniere and thus match up with all the other arrangements.

You could also get a lily of the valley traditional guest book wherein your guests could mark their presence leave drop their best wishes for you.