How to Have a Perfect Iris Floral Theme Wedding?

If it's on your mind to get something different for your wedding decorations then why not go for an Iris wedding theme? Iris is a beautiful and unique flower that symbolizes an entirely different taste and choice. The shape of this flower is completely different from the normal; ones and this is what makes it one of the most popular choices for floral wedding themes.

Iris is mainly available in blue, white and yellow colors. There are other shades like peach and pink also available for you to pick from. So, how do you go about having the perfect Iris floral wedding?

Starting with wedding invitations, choose a color theme that would be reflected in everything associated for your wedding. Take up the basic three Iris colors- blue- yellow and white. For wedding invitations, you could select a light yellow base card ad get all the printing done with blue. You could also get some white iris motifs printed over it to complement the wedding theme.

Next come, the wedding decorations. If it is an indoor wedding then you could go for a hall with white halls and get some yellow hangings and ribbons to adorn the walls and pillars coupled with white lighting. Thereafter, tables could be decorated with large centerpieces of fresh blue iris flowers. The contrast would look amazing and the venue would come out very lively.

In case of outdoor wedding, just eliminate the lights and the colors would have a an even more magical effect.

The bride could go about wearing a light wedding gown coupled with a bridal bouquet made with all these three shades of iris flowers. The bridesmaid bouquets could all be ordered in any one of the three shades. The groom could go for an ever popular white iris boutonniere to match with the theme.

Next is the wedding cake. Get a cake made with white icing adorned with eatable or real iris flowers in blue. You could get the flowers placed according to the shape of the cake.

Next in the queue is the decoration of the wedding car. If it is a budget wedding then you could get your own car decorated with white ribbon and lace and yellow and blue iris flowers. However, if you can spend a little more then get a vintage car arranged in white color and get it decorated with blue and yellow iris flowers.

For wedding favors, you could get some yellow tin boxes filled with blue mints and tie them with white ribbons. They would perfectly compliment your Iris flower wedding theme and be really appreciated by your guests.