Implementing a Magnolia Wedding Theme Idea Perfectly

A little of rose combined with a little of lotus is what magnolia flowers look like. They surely form a beautiful theme to decorate your wedding with. They are especially used in white color and are a favorite among those seeking a white colored theme wedding. So, if a magnolia wedding theme is on your mind for your grand occasion then no wonder that you have a made a classy choice for yourself.

You need not necessarily stick to while as you have a number of beautiful magnolia shades to choose from. You have white, pink, lavender, red, fuschia pink, purple, orange, wine and green color to choose from. A half abloom magnolia flower looks a lot like a rose while one that is completely open resembles lotus a lot. So, let's take a look at what all can you do with this beautiful flower on your wedding.

Starting with the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquet, you could go with the wine colored magnolias for the bride. They reflect absolute magnificence and to have bridesmaids holding pink magnolia bouquets in the background is just the perfect sight. The bride could also adorn her head with a tiara made of wine colored magnolias and it is sure to attract a lot of applause and attention. The groom could go for a bright orange boutonniere or make a match with the bride and opt for wine magnolia.

Wedding d├ęcor could be all teamed with lot of magnolia shades and contrasting lighting arrangements. If you have an indoor venue for your wedding then nothing like it. Get deep blue lighting arranged and use pink, red and wine magnolias for the decoration. You could also go for yellow lighting and team it with orange and green magnolia flower decoration. Use see through beaker vases filled with magnolias as the centerpieces for table decorations.

If you wish to save on money then you could use the same vases as wedding favors once the celebration is over. It is a great way to save on money and still gift some amazing magnolia wedding favors to your guests. If not beaker glasses, you could also use metallic centre stand bowls as the vases and gift the same to your guests.

Wedding cake could be a huge one with the flavor of your choice and a matching seasoning. You could get it topped with real magnolias and they would look amazing.

If you wish to give out special bridesmaid gifts then you could get some small lavender colored jute pouches for them and get them filled with dried petals of magnolia flowers. The aroma would every time make them remember your Magnolia theme wedding for sure!