Lavender Theme Wedding for Those who Love Nature

Lavender wedding theme is for those who have a wild taste. Lavender is differently shaped flower with a unique look and so to have a lavender theme wedding is not everyone's cup of tea. Lavender flowers would make a real beautiful theme if you plan to have a garden wedding or a wedding somewhere out on a chateau, in the countryside.

Also, if a single color wedding theme is on your mind then nothing could be better than a lavender wedding theme. The best thing about choosing a lavender wedding theme is that it is a flower available in a single color that is near to dark purple, but it has light and dark hues which could work as superb highlighters.

So, how could you go about having the perfect lavender wedding? Let's take a look:

Bridal bouquet and boutonniere could all gel so well with lavender. For the bridal bouquet, you could team lavender flowers with some white roses and there goes the most elegant yet wild bouquet just for you! Not only white, but your florist could offer you some great combinations with carnations and tulips of various colors. Lavender is known to symbolize devotion and cautiousness and these two feelings are very much a part of every bride's emotions on her big day.

A light lavender boutonniere on the other hands would look great over a wedding tuxedo that may be light or dark in color.

Coming to wedding decorations, table arrangements and centerpieces , lavender would suit the requirements perfectly. Have you ever looked at a field of lavender flowers. A single shade selection could make your whole wedding venue as beautiful as a lavender field. If you have a wedding out in the garden then decorations in purple would suit so well with the greenery. If it is a hall or church that you have chosen for the wedding ceremony then, getting the pillars and tables all decorated in purple with a few stems of lavender in sleek vases would complete the whole wedding decoration and centerpieces.

Just chose ivory or white table clothes and chair covers and the decoration is all done!

Next in the row come the wedding favors . To continue with your theme of lavender wedding, you could go for lavender colored chocolate hearts and get them filled in small see through boxes and decorate the boxes with purple ribbon. You could also catch hold of some unreal lavender flowers and top them on the boxes to match perfectly well with the theme. Also, an interesting option lies in buying hand embroided lavender sachets that could be filled with dried lavender leaves. Your guests would definitely love this aromatic wedding favor.

Thus, you could have a great lavender theme wedding that would be absolutely loved by your guests. If you are not sure about how to make these ideas click then you could hire a wedding planner. He would take your inputs and match his own to them to give shape to a memorable lavender theme wedding just for you!