Little Known Ways to Jazz up Calla Lily Wedding Theme

Calla lily means magnificent beauty and you could very well add this beauty to your wedding celebrations and go for a calla lily wedding theme. Don't worry about colors, you have ample of them to choose from. You could go for pink, orange, red, maroon, purple, yellow, magenta, peach, amber, fuschia pink, gold, black cherry and the ever favorite white. Other than these basic colors, there are several hues available for you to choose from.

Lilies of different colors and types symbolize wealth, pride, increased happiness, sweetness, purity and virginity which are all emotions associated with the wedding and therefore they form the perfect theme for your wedding. There's a lot that you could do with calla lilies, let's take a look:

Wedding decorations when done with real flowers need not be restricted to one single color. You could pick on calla lilies of two or three colors and just let them create a splash effect over the whole wedding venue. Using a lot of colors lends a festive feel to the whole ambience and is a feast for the eyes. Since calla lilies are available in numerous hues, you can add a lot of color to your wedding celebrations.

Make a list of number of bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, altarpieces, and ceremony decorations that you need and order lilies accordingly. You also need to count upon your wedding car decoration and number of tables and vases that you would need.

Bride and the groom could also exploit the calla lily wedding theme completely. A veil crowned with a fresh calla lilies ring could be a very favored choice. You could easily ask your florist to prepare one for you. The choice of colors is entirely yours. Same goes for the bridal bouquet. A bouquet made with fresh calla lilies is an absolute delight to look at. While white callas are all time favorite with most of the brides, you could also choose a color of your liking or go for a multi colored bouquet. You could also get bouquets prepared for the bridesmaids in varying colors or match a color scheme.

The groom could adorn the wedding tuxedo with a beautiful calla lily boutonniere and so could do the groomsmen.

Pricing of calla lilies could vary from type to type and color to color. You could easily avail wholesale prices of around $1 per mini calla lily. But, the price may vary if you go for extra-tall calla lilies in place of the mini or premium ones. However, premium calla lilies very well solve the purpose and fit in to a nominal budget quite easily.