Paint Your Wedding White with Gardenia Wedding Theme

Looking forward to have a snow-white wedding? Well, if white is your choice and you want to make it a real snowy affair then a gardenia wedding theme is just the most appropriate wedding theme for you. You could keep the theme limited to gardenia or team it with another flower like pink roses or purple orchids and let it be a truly wonderful and beautiful affair.

Since white is the color of the day, everything has to be painted white to make it look stunning, attractive and just more than beautiful. Start with the table decorations, use white table cloths and get small white bone china vases placed aside every plate. Fill these vases with gardenias and some greenery. You could also go for tulips for the same. There is no need for big centerpieces as these vases would solve the purpose. Alternatively, if you wish to go for big centerpieces then use some clear bowls, filled with water. Let some gardenias float over the water and there you have the best ever centerpieces for yourself.

Next are the bride and the groom. The bride would go for an off white wedding gown and pair it with a white plus pink bridal bouquet. A pure white bouquet would also look stunning and compliment the theme pretty well. You could get some greenery added to it if you like. The groom could go for a matching boutonniere whether he wears a white or a black tuxedo. In both the cases, gardenia would suit well.

Wedding invitations must be designed over white cards. Get some gardenia motifs printed in the background and all the writing must be done in green.

Wedding favors for a gardenia theme wedding could be many. There are many choices available for you to choose from. You could go about gifting white bone china candle sticks. Also, going for small flower vases is a very good idea. Buy some white and green tins with gardenia motifs printed on them and fill them with chocolates and candies. There could be nothing better than this.

The pricing of gardenias depends upon the season. Being a tropical flower that grows after due care, it is hard to get hold of these flowers for something really less. Therefore, do not be surprised if you have to pay a slightly higher price for these flowers.