Peony Theme Wedding- It's Different!

If you hope to get a quintessential English or Victorian look for your wedding in place of the usual elegance associated with this occasion then a peony wedding theme is just for you. A peony flower in full bloom is such an amazing living thing to look at! And, to top it all, you have a large number of colors to choose from. There's pink, and there's magenta, purple, white, red, yellow, lavender and many more!

The best part about choosing a peony wedding theme is that you need not make a pattern because this theme is not about making patterns and designs. Just pick up on any color and there you have a wedding theme marked with a lot of color, grandeur, happiness and beauty! As told earlier, it is a theme for different people and so it has to be different! So, let's see what all you can do in your peony theme wedding.

Hire a good florist first of all who is able to bring you some of the best peony flowers chosen just for your big day! Starting with the bride and the groom, while a half abloom peony would make a perfect boutonniere for the groom, a bridal bouquet made with yellow peony flowers is the perfect choice for the bride. You could go for other colors too but yellow would b truly different from the normal pinks that most of the brides opt for.

Divide the wedding venue in to separate sections and choose one color of peony flowers for each section. Wedding decorations when complete would low awesome in this way. Just decorate the tables with broad flower vases filled with fresh peony flowers of the respective colors. The aisle could all be decorated with white peonies to make it look different yet clubbed, just like the petals of a peony flower.

A cake for a peony wedding theme would be the one iced with eatable peony wedding flowers in various colors. You could go for a 3-tier cake in the flavor of your choice and top it with a peony topper.

While choosing wedding invitations for a peony theme wedding, go for white bases with colorful peony motifs overleaf. You could also go for pastel shades in the base. Wedding favors could be little treasure boxes with peony motifs on them. Also, you could go for dried peony leaves filled in little pull bags. It is an all time favorite wedding favor when you have a wedding theme based on flowers.

You must know that peonies have a very short season in early summers. If your wedding is in the same season then you could get them for a reasonable price else you would have to pay quite a hefty amount.