Roses Make a Beautiful Wedding Theme!

Nature is filled with all kinds of flowers but Roses have a charm of their own. And, when it comes to weddings, no flower could beat the beauty added by roses to the whole affair. You have a whole lot of colors to choose from. You could make your marriage a formal or a casual affair depending upon the color of roses that you may choose. Also, you could go for a rainbow theme with a lot many colors that would add vibrancy to your wedding bash!

Since you have decided to use roses of all colors in combination with the other flowers, you have a lot of colors to play with. Place bunches of balloons of various colors at various spots. You could place roses of all colors at the different tables and let he head table be decorated with numerous cascading flower arrangements. Get a multicolor background for the head table with a whole background frame of roses coupled with gerberas, tulips, lilies and everything that makes it more colorful.

At the entrance get an arch made with all flowers. Let them be arranged in a rainbow theme to offer the best vibrancy to your wedding party! For centerpieces, you could place water bowls filled with rose flowers or scatter rose petals over the tables. Get a rose lining placed at the table where all the favors have been placed. You could decorate the pillars and the walls with cascading bouquets at various spots.

Wedding favors
When it comes to favors for your rose theme wedding then there are numerous ideas that you could explore. Either go for candles in the shape or roses or select the similar shaped chocolates. You could also gift small jewelry boxes with silk roses on the top! You could also give out cork openers with roses embossed on the handles. Make sure that the favors you choose are nicely wrapped in colored or transparent cellophanes and adorned with lace or ribbons!

Bride and bridesmaids
Depending on the colors of roses being used for the wedding decorations, you could go for the flowers that would make your wedding tiara and wedding bouquet. You could also get real or silk roses sewn in your wedding gown or get the same embroided in thread.

The bridesmaids could take up the different colors of the rainbow and each of them get dressed in one particular color, thus forming a rainbow around the bride. It would match perfectly with the theme and look extremely beautiful!

Groom and groomsmen
The groom and groomsmen must avoid wearing black. Dark blue or grey would solve the purpose with a bright colored boutonnière. The groomsmen could all use the same colored boutonnieres to match with the colors of the bridesmaids' bouquets.