Sunflower Theme Wedding for a Bright Affair

No other flower defines happiness and brightness better than a sunflower. It is an absolute symbol of peace, happiness and prosperity and therefore to have sunflower wedding theme is just the perfect way to celebrate your happiness.

Sunflower wedding theme is best suitable for weddings happening in summers and fall season. Do not be under the impression that there is just a single yellow color that you would get in sunflowers. The flowers are available in red and white colors too and there are also sunflowers that have a hue of red and yellow and seem to resemble the color of the early morning sun.

There is a lot that you could do with these flowers. So, let's take a look and see what all can you do with sunflowers wedding theme.

To start with you must know that sunflowers are in season between July and September and so you must plan your wedding in between this time period only. Start out with getting sunflower wedding invitations for your guests. You could choose a bright orange or yellow base and get some sunflower motifs printed on it. An invite printed on these cards is just the perfect match to the sunflower wedding theme.

The bride could go on to wear a beige wedding gown and team it with a few real sunflowers in her hair. They would look gorgeous and give a completely unique look. A bridal bouquet made with full bloom yellow sunflowers and white pearls would look great and compliment the gown most appropriately. The groom too could choose to wear a boutonniere made with a yellow sunflower and thus join well in the theme.

A sunflower theme wedding is incomplete without a perfectly complementing cake. Go for a butterscotch flavor cake which would again match with the yellow hue and get is decorated with some real or eatable sunflowers.

Wedding decorations could be taken care of by your florist. However, you could go about decorating the tables with mud vases filled with sunflowers. You could use slim vases for the same. The main table could be decorated using the sunflowers of various colors. An alternate color pattern could be made using the yellow, red and white colored sunflowers.

For wedding favors, you could use decorative sunflower bags filled with dried sunflower leaves. Also, sunflowers nightlights are a brilliant wedding favor idea for you.

If you happen to have a white car then it is best to decorate it with red sunflowers so that it matches well with the theme. It would just be the perfect vehicle for the just married couple to drive away in.