Let Tulips Form your Wedding Theme

Tulips mark the beginning of spring and signify the time when flowers are at their full bloom and even nature seems to be celebrating life. If you happen to have your wedding during this time, nothing like it. With spring come tulips of various colors that could fill your wedding venue with all the delight in the world!

A perfect tulip wedding theme would comprise of white and green with accents of red, pink, yellow and orange pastels.

To lend a classy touch to your wedding decorations, use white and medium green as your main colors. Let vases of bowls filled with tulip bulbs form the centerpieces for the tables. You could use green confetti to go along with it. For the doorways, you could get cascading tulip arrangements hung at the walls and an arch of tulips along with white and green crepe paper made.

For the head table and the gift table, use more of tulips and white and green ribbon. The pastel shades could make for the backgrounds. You could also use tulip stick candles at the center of the tables. Tie a big bow of broad white or green ribbon on the back of each chair to match with the theme.

Wedding cake
You could easily order a very special wedding cake for your tulip themed wedding. You could either order a three tier wedding cake with white and green icing or go for a particular tulip shaped cake itself. Also, you could ask your cake maker to bake a cake decorated with real tulip flowers. They would look pretty and go well with your theme.

Wedding favors
Not to say, the wedding favors must also gel with the theme. You could very easily use tulip shaped chocolates packed in white tie around bags, tied with green strings. If that seems to be a very common idea then cut out some tulip shaped placards for each of your guests and write down personal messages for each one of them. You could get some pretty green and white holders for the cards and thus give truly personalized wedding favors to your guests.

Making these favors would require a little bit of effort but they would really make your guests feel delighted.

Bride and groom
Bride and groom could best make use of the tulips theme by going for a tulip wedding bouquet and a tulip boutonnière, respectively. A tiara made with small tulip bulbs could act as a perfect add on for the bride!

Thus, you could use tulips to add full bloom to your wedding and thus make it match with the beauty of the spring!