Why Not Have a Lily Theme Wedding?

Lilies are flowers that have always been associated with the feelings of love and passion. They are beautiful flowers that could adorn a wedding just so perfectly. Therefore, to have a lily flower theme wedding is a brilliant idea. There are different blooming periods for lilies that vary according to their varieties. But, generally most of the lily types start to bloom late after the spring is about to get over.

So, how can you actually make use of lilies to make them form the perfect lily wedding theme for you?
First of all you must know that with lilies you have a lot of colors to choose from. They are available ion pink, white, yellow and different lighter and darker shades of these very colors. Also, there are tiger lilies that are a little different and make a lovely sight. So, let's take a look at ho you can use most of colors of lilies to have a truly colorful and delightful wedding.

Start with wedding invitations. Select pink cards that could be printed over with the help of brown or a darker shade of blue. You could also get a few lily motifs printed on the outside as well as the inside of the card.

Next in the row are the wedding decorations. Let the decorations be similar to splashes of various colors of lily flowers. Just place the flowers the way you like and do not worry about patterns. You could use white as your base color with all the interior of the venue being white. Then go on to use the various colored lilies as you like to decorate the walls, pillars, aisle and tables. Do not go for the traditional centerpieces. Instead place some cute little pots filled with lilies besides every plate. You could use a single color of lilies for each table or go colorful with every table.

These pots would decorate the tables perfectly and also work as wedding favors after the celebrations are over. They are the perfect way to help you save money while also being extremely beautiful.

To mark a difference from rest of the colors, bride could go for a bridal bouquet made with tiger lilies. They are orange in color and would thus offer a different yet a closely woven look with the lily wedding theme. The groom could also sport a boutonniere made with tiger lily.

You could get some twin shade lilies to decorate the wedding car and they would make a great show for sure!