Jazz up Your Wedding with Tropical Wedding Flowers

Want to give your wedding a colorful and youthful look? If yes, then go in for tropical wedding flowers without batting an eyelid. These wedding flowers in all bright and splashy hues will jazz up the entire wedding and make it an affair to remember.

Common choices for tropical wedding flowers

If you want to use tropical wedding flowers for your wedding, then you would have ample choice to choose from. Tropical wedding flowers are available in plenty. So you can have what you want irrespective of the texture, color or the scent you want. Here are some of the popular choices that you could go in for.

Orchids. This tropical wedding flower is available in a wide range of color options such as white, purple, lavender, pink and yellow. Simple and elegant, orchids make for the absolute choice. There are various varieties of orchids available such as miltonia, dendrobium, burana jade etc. Orchids make for the perfect choice for bridal bouquets.

Heliconia. This beautiful and bright wedding flower works amazingly for venue décor arrangements. A flower or two can even be added to the bridal bouquet. It can even be used to decorate the bride's room.

Anthuriums. Available in a multitude of bright hues such as red, green and burgundy, this flower can be used to add a dash of color to the wedding. If you want you can even use the softer color tones of this flower such as pale pink and white.

If you are using tropical wedding flowers, then the foliage too should be tropical. Go in for tropical foliage such as palm leaves and monstera. Strelitzia leaves can also form an unusual backdrop for your tropical wedding flowers. If you want romantic foliage then you could use lovely heart-shaped leaves of Anthuriums.

Add the Hawaiian flavor with tropical wedding flowers

Of course you can use tropical wedding flowers in the traditional ways such as bouquets, corsages, button holes, centerpieces or ceremony flowers. But when you are using tropical flowers, why not use them the tropical way. Here is how to use tropical wedding flowers to add that perfect Hawaiian flavor to your wedding.

Leis. A lei is a kind of garland. Though it is quite shorter in length as compared to garlands. Flowers like orchids and ginger or even lilies can be used for leis.

Haku. A haku is like a head wreath that is worn by the bride and the bridesmaids. Flowers are woven with ferns in an intricate manner. You could use a single flower or  flowers of different color combinations for haku.

* Maile leis. These are leis worn by the groom and other males present at the wedding. male leis are usually made of leaves and are open ended.