When Choosing Summer Wedding Flowers

A bright, sunny afternoon in summers may just seem the perfect day to get married. But your wedding flowers may not think the same. Since your wedding flowers are going to be exposed top constant heat, there is always a chance of the flowers wilting out. Thus, it becomes imperative to choose the right summer wedding flowers with utmost care and concern.

It is not just the weather that needs to be kept in mind while choosing summer wedding flowers. One also needs to consider various other factors as well such as the venue décor, the ride's outfit etc while choosing summer wedding flowers. There is a great choice as regards summer wedding flowers. Summers give you the opportunity to choose vibrant, bright and colorful blossoms for your wedding. Here are some summer wedding flowers that you could opt for.


This summer flower is available in an enormous range of colors. From bright red, yellow, orange and purple to softer color tones like pink and white, you have ample choice. The carnation works best for table centerpieces. You can even use a color combination like red and white, pink and purple, orange and yellow for younger bridesmaids bouquets.

Cala lilies

This is yet another very common summer wedding flower. Use cala lilies in the form of small posies as bridal buquets. You could even club lilies with bright flowers like red roses in case you are looking for a more sophisticated bridal bouquet. Cala lilies also look great as wedding flowers for hair.


Pack them in a bunch and they make a pretty corsage. They can be even worn by the bride or the bridesmaids as a hair wreath. Jasmine can also be used as ceremony flowers. You could mix and match them with roses or peonies for centerpieces.


Peonies in pink, white and pastels work great as summer wedding flowers. These flowers can be used for the bridal bouquet. Their large blooms and heads make them a great idea for centerpieces.

Baby's breath

These tiny white flowers are in full bloom during summers. Baby's breath makes an a absolute choice as filler for bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages. You could even do up the venue décor with these flowers. Club them with any other flower-roses, chrysanthum, daisies, gladiolis and they make a perfect match.

Dendrobium orchids

Orchids have become a hot pick amidst various brides these days. Orchids have a highly elegant appeal. From simple colors like pink and white to the more exotic ones like purple, these flowers give you ample choice. Pin them in your hair or put them on the wedding cake, they are going to look just as good.

Some other summer wedding flowers that you could go in for are daisy, dahlias, celosia, nigella, sunflower, magnolia, rose, sweet pea, amidst several others.