When Choosing Winter Wedding Flowers

Winters are certainly not the best time to get married. No, not because it is biting cold in winters but because of the scarcity of wedding flowers during this season. Unlike in spring where you have these blooms in full bloom, winter offers relatively fewer choices. Nevertheless winter wedding flowers too do offer you quite a few spectacular and stunning options.

Winter wedding flowers have their own special charm and an unmatched aura. Let us take a look at some usual and unusual winter wedding flower choices.


This bright red winter wedding flower can add that perfect dash of exuberance to your wedding. Their large heads and long stems make them a perfect option as centerpieces. You could even use the white and pink versions of these beautiful winter flowers. Red and white amaryllis put together work well for bridal bouquets.

Cymbidium orchids

This winter wedding flower boasts of sophistication personified. No wonder Marilyn Monroe carried a posy of these flowers on her wedding. Cymbidium orchids are available in various colors such as white, yellow and pale green. Use them as corsage or as bridal bouquet and they are going to look absolutely perfect.


This flower is available in plenty during winters. Gerberas are available in all colors- red, orange, pink, yellow, and even white. You could club these flowers in several colors and to create a colorful bouquet for the bride. Alternatively you could even use a combination of two or more colored gerberas for the bouquet. You could pair red and white gerberas or orange and yellow flowers.


Rose may be one of the most common wedding flowers but it still has a special charm to it. Use this winter wedding flower for the bouquet, corsage, boutonnière or as a corsage, the choice is all yours. Roses can even be used to decorate the wedding cake. They also work well when used as wedding hair flowers.

Anigozanthos/ Kangaroo Paw

This is quite an unusual winter wedding flower. It is bright, colorful and an extremely soft feel. This flower can be used best as ceremony flowers or for the decoration arrangements. It is available in yellow, pale pearly pink, lime green or rich dark red. Plant them at the entrance and hey are going to look superb.


This one is a very pretty winter wedding flower. Nerine is a beautiful flower in pink ad white. If the bride were wearing an elaborate gown, then a bouquet of these flowers would make the perfect match. A single flower if used in the bride's hair would look great. You could use Nerines as centerpieces too.

These winter wedding flowers are absolutely spectacular and will enhance the aura of your wedding manifold.