8 Steps To Perfect Wedding Flowers

If you want your wedding flowers to strike the perfect impression, you must plan them accordingly. Here is a step by step guide that will help you with the same.

Look for the right florist
Don't just go hunting for a florist without a thought. Instead, try to look for a florist who can work as per your requirements. There are some who want a florist who can take complete control. On the other hand, there are also other florists who would want to be guided at each step. Decide upon the kind you want. Also, know the designing style by looking at the portfolio.

Keep your budget in mind
It is important to have a budget and stick to the same before you go to a florist. But, don't just keep sticking to the budget you have zeroed in on else you may miss out on a lot of good stuff. Always make provision for an extra 10%.

Set a framework
Have a broad framework ready. Think about the style you want- super romantic, minimalist, or royal. Put together cutouts from magazines or pictures you may have clicked at a friend's wedding. Try to include different shots so that your florist can have an apt idea.

Suit the venue
It is important that your wedding flower arrangements suit the venue. If your wedding venue is a garden, you may not need much floral decoration. Or, there may be some special construction in the venue that needs additional consideration.

Have your colors in place

You must be absolutely clear about the color palette you want. Firstly, know what the bridesmaids, groomsmen and the other important people are wearing. Now, work up the colors that go with the same. Once you have chosen a few colors, figure out the flowers available in that color.

Give importance to your wedding dress
Your bridal bouquet has a lot to do with your bridal dress. If you are wearing a contemporary dress, then something elaborate like a cascade may not go well with it. So, make sure that you pick your wedding dress ahead of time. This will leave the florist with ample time to figure a bouquet that completes the overall look.

Set the overall theme
You would want to style your wedding in a particular way- minimalist, royal, bohemian or contemporary. Decide the style so that you can choose the floral arrangements accordingly.

Measure the gathering
The size of the gathering has a huge role to play in your floral arrangements. If there are too many guests, you will need more tables and eventually more centerpieces. Also, the size of the gathering will determine the number of corsages and boutonnieres you would need.

Follow these steps and your flowers will offer returns worth every penny that you have invested in them.