A Look At Some New Wedding Flower Bouquet Shapes

There are a lot of factors that go at length in determining the overall appearance of a bridal bouquet. However, it is the shape of the bouquet that is the most significant. Here is taking a look at some new bridal bouquet shapes.

If you want a wedding flower bouquet that looks more natural, then this one is the best shape. Unlike other bouquets that force the flowers into an unnatural shape, this one is more fluid and allows the flowers to retain their own shape. In an asymmetrical bouquet, the flowers are heavier on one side as compared to the other. It is this easy and unstructured shape of this bouquet that makes it look completely natural. Asymmetrical bouquets go best with casual or garden weddings.

As the name suggests, this one has a crescent moon like shape. In this type of bouquet, the flowers are arranged in such a way that they arc in the outward direction. This creates a crescent like shape. Though any flower can be used for this bouquet shape, the ones that work best include dahlias, spray rose, ranunculus, hydrangea, ferns and several others. Since this bouquet shape is a little more formal, it goes well with formal ballroom style weddings.

True to its name, this one actually looks like a waterfall of flowers. The flowers are placed densely at the top and taper down towards the end of the bouquet. The waterfall is one of the most dramatic bouquets and goes only for modern weddings. A lot of greenery and foliage is used along with flowers to give it a more natural feel. To achieve the given shape, a piece of driftwood is used to hold the flowers together.


This one is more popularly referred to as the presentation or the pageant bouquet. It has flowers with long stems that are cradled along the arm of the bride. It is similar to the bouquets that pageants carry in their hands while walking the ramp. If you have a petite frame then go in for a compact version of this bouquet. However, if you are a taller bride, you can go ahead with even dramatic versions of this shape. Garden roses, jasmines and snowberries are apt for this bouquet type.

Another flat bouquet
This one is similar to a presentation bouquet. The only differences is that the stems are of smaller length. Also, this one is more dense and has more of foliage. The flowers are more densely tied and resemble a handpicked cluster of flowers. Some of the common flowers used in this bouquet type include dahlias, orchids, jasmine, clemantis, ferns and the like.

Go ahead and pick any of these shapes and your bridal bouquet is sure to score high on the style quotient.