Accessorize Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

Choosing the right wedding flower alone will not help you carve the perfect ambience for your wedding. You need to arrange the wedding flowers in the right way too. If you want to give your wedding flower arrangements an unusual touch, then you might want to consider the following wedding flower arrangement accessories.

Wedding confetti
Wedding confetti is a great way to do the wedding flower arrangements. This is especially a good choice for venue d├ęcor and centerpieces. You can choose from metallic table confetti, paper confetti, petal confetti and various others. Amidst various the options, metallic table confetti is the best choice. Simple scatter them around the centerpieces and they will add the perfect touch.

Pearls and beads
These are the perfect wedding flower accessories if you want to give the wedding flower arrangements a classic touch. You can simply pin up single pearls in the center of the flowers. You can also create the same effect by using multiple colored beads. Adding a string of pearls to the wedding bouquet is also a great idea. You could even scatter these pearls lose in the centerpieces. These days you easily get these beads or pearl sprays and picks which can easily be hung or pinned to the wedding flower arrangements.

Decorative feathers
Decorative feathers are a great add on if you have a casual wedding. These wedding flower accessories add a more colorful and playful to the entire wedding flower arrangement. Typically ostrich feathers are used for this purpose. You can go in for colored feathers or stick to the classic white. For a more sophisticated look, you can even use diamante diamond feathers.

These are one of the most commonly used accessories for wedding flower arrangements. A single ribbon can make a huge difference to a wedding flower arrangement. You can choose for bright and bold colored ribbons such as purple, fuchsia, green, red, yellow and the like. However, if you would like to keep the floral arrangement serene, the classic white colored ribbon is the best bet. These days, you even get ribbons in various patterns and designs such as polka dots, stripes, checks and the like. For a more personal touch, go in for customized ribbons.

Swarovski crystals
Now this one can be a little expensive. Thus, it is better if you only use it for the bridal bouquet. You can simple pin them to the petals in the bridal bouquet to create a more delicate appeal. You even get various crystal pins that can be pinned at the bottom of the bouquet. Additionally, you can even go in for crystal picks that can be easily pinned to the bouquet.