Top 5 Bohemian Wedding Flowers

Looking for the right bohemian wedding flowers for your wedding? Well, here are some top picks among bohemian wedding flowers that are sure to add the perfect feel to your wedding.

If you are looking for flowers for venue décor, these flowers are the perfect choice. They resemble fluffy lollypops perched on tall sticks. What makes these flowers great for venue décor is that they do not require elaborate arrangement. Even if you put them as it is, they are sure to pep up the ambience. These flowers have a bohemian feel and are apt for modern wedding. Alliums are available in several color options such as lavender, violet, blue and white.

These are one of the most beautiful wedding flowers that you can have for your wedding. Modern and sophisticated, these flowers are a hot pick amidst winter brides. Anemones are medium sized blooms that work well for every purpose- bridal bouquet, bride's hair, venue décor, centerpieces and the like. Their well defined structure makes them eye catchy. Put together purple and pink anemones and you are sure to create a stunning effect. This wedding flower is moderately priced.

Butterfly weeds
Planning an outdoor wedding? This wedding flower is the way to go. It is a sturdy, long stemmed flower that looks perfect for outdoor party arrangements. You can add this to the garden baskets or use it to decorate the aisle. This flower has a bohemian and casual feel and is better suited for casual weddings. The bright orange and yellow color of this follow is sure to pep up the ambience. Since this flower is available all year round, you will not have problems arranging for this.

A small summery and breezy flower, chamomile adds a dash of freshness to your wedding. Though this one is essentially a wide flower, it can serve more than just one purpose in your wedding. You can add this to bouquets, use it for wreaths or add it to the centerpieces. The inherent charm of these flowers makes them a must use for wedding flowers. And what more? These fresh and small blooms are pretty inexpensive.

Erumurus Foxtail Lilies
For those who wish to do their flower arrangements in advance, this wedding flower is the way to go. Erumurus Foxtail Lilies easily last for three weeks in a vase so can be used for flower arrangements that need to be done in advance. These wedding flowers make for the absolute choice if you wish to add a dash of glamour to your wedding. These are long stemmed flowers that can have countless starlike florets.

Choose any of these wedding flowers and you are sure to cast a perfect impression on the guests.