How to Choose Wedding Flowers on Budget

Flowers make an exceptional decorating stuff on weddings. However, depending upon the flower chosen and the season, they can be either expensive or cheap. For those who have a ceiling to the amount of money that they can spend on their weddings, here are a few details about how to choose wedding flowers on a small budget.

1. The art of successfully realizing a low budget wedding flower decoration lies in getting the decorating material at bulk prices. So go ahead and buy some loose flowers from your local florist. Add to that a couple of pounds of small candies to prepare an inexpensive wedding favor.

2. Preparation of a wedding favor includes packaging of the candies as well. You can pack them in home made bags stitched together in inexpensive yet pretty fabrics. Candies can be tied up in them using a ribbon. Also, tie up ribbons around the stems of the flowers and attach a thank-you card to them.

3. It is better to buy wedding favors from discount retailers. The price quoted to you can be very low. You can get a wide variety of wedding favors to choose from for as low as $1 for a minimum of 100 pieces. Search online to find discount retailers of this type.

4. For flowers, it is best to go to discount retailers. Better still, you can directly buy them from flower cultivators. This would not only bring down you budget; it would also get you the freshest flowers of all. Wrapped around in a ribbon, these would be excellent gifts to guests. Also, you can either choose fresh flowers or go for the silk varieties. They would be equally inexpensive (and yet long lasting).

5. If you do not want to go for wedding favors available in the market, then you can prepare them at home. This will help you to further bring down the wedding cost. To do so you can pack simple, homemade goodies like peanut brittle and fudge in simple paper baggies. You can also bake brownies or cookies and complement each of them with an enclosed recipe card. Further still, you can fill small sachets with your favorite potpourri and give them away.

6. You can also choose to give away colored votive candles as wedding keepsakes. They are not only conventional insignia of love and romance; they are also very inexpensive as well. You can easily buy them in bulk. Further, you can break the monotony of such things by opting for something unconventional. Many things that are not on the regular list of such gifts are available in the market. You can buy them at discount prices and give them away.