Jazz Up Wedding Cars With Flowers

Who says wedding flowers are meant just for the wedding venue or the bridal bouquet? These flowers have their place outside the venue too on the wedding cars. Decorating wedding cars with flowers is the perfect way to take the bride home in the lap of nature. Here are some ideas to jazz up the wedding car, the floral way.

Just married
The traditional 'Just married' need not be written with a crayon or a stick on. You can write it with flowers too. You can use small sized flowers like Queen Anne's lace and Solidaster if you are writing it on the window. However, if you are writing it on the front or back of the car, use bolder flowers like Standard Mum, Star Gazer Lily, Sunflower, Orchids and the like.

Heart to heart
Nothing can be more romantic than drawing a heart on the wedding car. You can draw a small sized heart on the car ceiling using red roses or carnations. You can even consider sticking on one of the readymade heart shaped garlands to the car.

Scatter around
If you are not a pro at decorating wedding cars, then this one is the best option. Simply stick around flowers in any random order. You can use any flower for this purpose but make sureĀ  that it is neither too big nor too small. Go in for flowers like sweet William, Tulip, Watsonia, Yarrow, Aster and the like.

Floral handling

Pinning up corsages on the car handles is the most common way to decorate wedding cars. You can get readymade corsages or make your own. Go in for flowers like dendrobium orchids or gerbera daises to make the corsages for the car. Also opt for bright and cheery colors like orange, fuchsia, yellow, purple and the like.

Accessorize it
You need not use only wedding flowers to decorate your wedding car. One can always use add-ons like satin ribbons, silk cloth, net, stickers and the like. If you have the budget, you can also opt for embellishments like Swarovski.

Quick tips to decorate wedding cars with flowers

* Make sure that you stick to the theme of the wedding for the decoration of the wedding car.
* Use common glowers like roses, gardenias, daisies and the like. Do not go in for exotic or delicate flowers as such decoration can give away easily.
* Keep it simple. Do not laden your wedding car with flowers. Have a theme and center your wedding car decoration around the same.
* Do not use gums and adhesives to stick on the wedding flowers as they can damage the car paint. Instead, use a double side tape.