Fall Wedding Flowers

Flowers are available in different types and varieties. You just cannot think of a wedding without flowers. The fall wedding season starts from the month of October. It is a good time for marriages. In this season, the climate is actually dry and cool. Flowers are abundantly available during this season. The flowers that are used in fall weddings are unique. They are the essence of any wedding that takes place during the fall season.

One of the most beautiful flowers that used in the fall wedding is called the Montbretia. This is a delicate flower that contains florets that are tubular in shape. The florets are usually in a cluster of six to twelve. The florets of the flower Montbretia are arranged in the form of a comb. This comb exists along the upper portion of the stem that is long and slim. The color of this type of flower ranges from yellow orange to brick red. This flower is very important on the wedding occasion of this season.

Another type of flower that is used during autumn weddings is the Hypericum. This flower is generally resin brown in color. Apart from this flower, roses are another popular choice during weddings.
The dry grass provides the beautiful texture to the wedding in this fall season. Dry grasses such as rye and wheat are used as the bouquet. This makes the essence of the fall wedding flowers even more charming. The croton leaves also play a great role in highlighting the texture of these flowers of fall wedding.

The rose, as already discussed, is available in all seasons. It is also termed as the king of flowers. It occupies the pride place at tables in the reception hall. The fall roses can come in variety of different colors. The different colors of the roses include the red, black, green and white. The flowers need to match the dress of the bride. It will add to the beauty of the bride and groom.