Give that Spiritual Touch with Purple Wedding Flowers

Are you bored of the usual red and white wedding flowers? Do you want to be a bit more experimental with your wedding flowers? Are you keen on giving your wedding a spiritual touch? If the answer to all the above-mentioned questions is a yes, then purple wedding flowers are the perfect option.

Purple wedding flowers not just add a dash of spirituality and style to your wedding but they also serve as the perfect break from the usual pink and red wedding flowers. Use these purple wedding flowers for the bridal bouquet, corsages, boutonnières, or for the wedding cake, the choice is all yours.

Here are some of the common purple wedding flowers that you can put to use on your wedding.


This is one of the most popular purple wedding flowers. It is a beautiful bell shaped flower and looks absolutely beautiful when in full bloom. These flowers look perfect on wedding cakes. Lisianthus complements white and yellow cakes really well.


Freesias are a great option for the bridesmaids bouquet. This flower is the absolute choice if you do not want your boquet too purple. These flowers have a dash of white and can sophisticated elegance to your bridal bouquet. Yiou can also use purple and white fressias in combination with one another.


This purple wedding flower can be used both for wedding arrangements as décor and boutonnières. When using this flower for decoration purposes, pur a bunch together in a sinking pattern. Gladioli look great when used as centerpieces/ alternatively, you could even use these flowers as boutonnières.


Tulips can be used for bridal bouquet, ceremony flowers and centerpieces to give the wedding a uniform look. If you are using tulip for a bridal bouquet, you can club purple tulips with yellow, red and white tulips for a colorful and bright look.


Stock is a great option for vintage style weddings. You can get this flower in both purple and lilac shades. Use stock with white freesias and lots of greenery to make the perfect bridal bouquet. They work best as ceremony flowers.


Orchids have a sophisticated appeal and can be used for bridal bouquet. Vanda, an exotic variety f orchid has a chequered appearance and looks great when used for bridal bouquets. Orchids can even be used as corsages.


Pansies are relatively cheaper as compared to other purple wedding flowers. These flowers are readily available and make a great idea for venue decoration.  They can even be used a ceremony flowers.

Some other purple wedding flowers that you can put to use are Iris, Aster, Cone Flower, Sweet Pea, Verbena, Hybisucus, Snap Dragons amidst several others.