Guide To Flowers And Decorations

Wedding flowers are an integral part of every wedding. It is for this reason that you must be well prepared with your wedding flower arrangements. Here is a complete guide that will help you plan and meet all your floral requirements for your D day in the perfect manner.

Get started
If you do not want any last minute goof-ups, then make sure that you book a florist well in advance. You obviously do not want to kill the feel of your wedding by hiring a mediocre florist or trying to do it yourself. So make sure that you have a professional florist at your aid.

Check out all the options that you have at hand. Try to meet all the florists that you know in person to ascertain whether they will be offer what you need or not. Also, check for referrals of a florist you are considering.

You must know the kind of options that you have for your wedding bouquet or for the venue d├ęcor. To know about what all you can do with wedding flowers on your D day, check out various bridal magazines. You can also surf the web to know the latest designs. Tell your florist about the designs you are considering.

Make a list of all your wedding flower requirements well in advance. This will include the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces and the like. Also, check for the quantity that you require. Your florist should have this list well in advance.

Start shopping
Now that you have the basics sorted, it is time that you start shopping for your wedding flowers. Try to figure out the style you would prefer for your wedding- classic, romantic, modern, beach casual, bohemian etc.

Make a list of all the items that the wedding flowers should complement. This could include your wedding dress, other venue arrangements, age of the bridesmaids, color of the dresses and the like. This will help choose the right wedding flowers.

When you start shopping for wedding flowers, make sure that you buy blooms that complement the season. For instance, if you have a fall wedding, then you could go in for colors such as silver, gold and cranberry. Pink, blue and green are good color choices for spring weddings.

Have your checklist
Prepare a checklist mentioning all the wedding flower requirements that you would need at each of the wedding functions. You could club them into separate categories such as reception, attire, ceremony, cakes, hair and the like. You must ascertain that all the items that are mentioned in the list are ticked before you go ahead and begin with the wedding celebrations.

Follow these steps and you will not make any mistake in making your wedding flower arrangements.