Hot Wedding Décor Trends For 2010

When it comes to wedding décor, everyone has their own tastes and preferences. But, if you wish to make your wedding the talk of the town, then here are some hot wedding décor trends to abide by.

Using props as centerpieces
Who says you need to work your centerpiece on the floral lines all the time? The present day trend indicates using props as centerpieces. You could use anything and everything as the centerpiece. Place a large mercury bowl, sparkly spheres or even a bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables as the centerpiece.

Adding a touch of black
Black may come across as a morbid color to some, but no other color brings in the kind of sophistication the way black does. You can add black accents to the venue décor in small little ways. For instance, you can consider using black lacquer flower vases, black pillows and even black glassware. To make sure that the black does not overpower the décor, use it along with a jewel color like deep red or green or even purple.

More than just flowers

Using only flowers for the venue décor is passé. To keep your wedding décor in sync with the latest trends, try using a lot of other produce along with the flowers. You could use barks, leaves, woods and even fruits and vegetables for the décor. You could even go in for some out of the box items like feathers, some fancy showpieces and the like.

Cultural cues
Take cues from your culture and incorporate them in the venue décor. It will not just add a cultural touch to your wedding décor but also make the arrangements look more unique. You could use paper lantern luminaries, or place tribal symbols on dinner menus. Using origami centerpieces could be another idea.

Candy bar and candy buffets
This is one of the hottest trends for wedding décor for 2010. Along with a food buffet, you could have an additional candy buffet. Here in, a wide range of candies, chocolates and the like can be laid out on a table. You could also place small boxes along side so that guests can take some of these candies back home as favors.

Light it up
Light has always played a crucial role in wedding décor. It is time to shun the conventional lighting and go in for experimental lights. Opt for lights in crazy and funky shapes. Try going in for innovative placement of these lights. You can also come up with an innovative fusion of candles and lights for a more wonderful effect.

Use these trends as it is or play them up in your own way and you are sure to strike the impression you want.