How to Arrange Flowers?

The beauty of flowers simply remains unmatched. These flowers can turn foes into friends, bring on a smile on the saddest of faces and create an aura of splendid beauty and charm. Though these flowers are the most beautiful weapons of nature, their beauty can be enhanced and taken a step further with the right flower arrangement.

Flower arrangement is an art in itself, which can be mastered only by a select few. But this in no way means that those who are not masters in the field cannot arrange these spectacular blooms. These pretty things can be arranged in a simple fashion and yet look beautiful. Let us read on to know how you can arrange flowers.

First things first. Whenever heading for flower arrangement, you need vase or a container that can house your blooms. You need not go for a traditional vase always. A bowl of water can be used to float flowers with their stems. Additionally, you can also use some candles too in this bowl and make it look attractive. If you have a fancy teapot, you can use that too as your vase.

Tall vases work as a great house for your flowers. Add pebbles or some sand to the bottom of the vase. This will not just lend support to your vase but also give it the perfect finish. But irrespective of what vase you are using make sure you clean it really well. There should not be any left residue in the vase you are using as it can deter your flower arrangement.

Now that you have chosen a vase and cleaned it too, it is time to chop off the ends of the flower stem an inch. Also remove any leaves that are going to be submerged in the water once you place your flowers inside the vase. This is done in order to keep your flowers fresher for longer. Else your flowers will crimp soon after you have arranged them.

Fill in the vase with water. Water, which is at room temperature, should be ideal for this purpose. However if you have purchased new buds and want them to open, replacing room temperature water with slightly warm water should be a great idea. This will foster the buds to open up quickly. Add flower food to keep your flowers in a healthy condition for longer.

You should always match the length of your flowers with the length of the vase you are going to use. If you are using smaller flowers, then short and stout vases are the best pick for you. However if your flowers have longer stems, tall vases will look more apt. But nevertheless you can always trim the flower to the desired size.

Start you arrangement by placing the larger flowers in the front. Place different flowers at different angles so that they can lend a more balanced feel. Once you have put in all the flowers, you can substitute the gaps with flowers of the required size.