How To French Wrap A Wedding Bouquet?

French bouquets make for the most popular choice in bridal bouquets. This bouquet type has flowers arranged in circular shape. To wrap these bouquets properly, you must French wrap them. Here is a DIY guide to French wrap a wedding bouquet.

Step 1
Tightly hold the bouquet in your hand. Keep on adding more flowers to the bouquet till the time you are done. Each time you add more flowers, tighten your grip. This will ensure that flowers do not slip off. Now, position the flowers in whichever shape you want to. In case, you are unsure of the shape that your bouquet is taking, then you could consider standing in front of the mirror. This will help you see the bouquet in comparison with your body shape.

Step 2
Hold the stems tightly in the middle. Now start using the floral tape. Ideally, you should start wrapping the floral tape at least two to three inches below the flower buds. Start from the top and go down till the end of the stems to make sure that they are tightly secured.

Step 3
Now you need to even out the stems to give a finish to the bouquet. You could use a flower cutter for this purpose. Cut the stems at an angle so that they are of equal length. The plants are able to absorb more water when you cut them at an angle. Though you can decide the length of the stems as per your convenience, it should not exceed 7 to 8 inches.

Step 4
Take out the floral ribbon. Cut length of the ribbon that is thrice the length of the floral stems. So, if the length of the stems is 7 inches, the ribbon should at least measure 21 to 24 inches. Now, tuck an end of the ribbon into the tape. This will fix the ribbon properly. Start wrapping the stems with the ribbon. However, make sure that you cover the floral tape first. If left uncovered, the floral tape can spoil the whole look of the bouquet. It is recommended that that the color of the floral ribbon be in contrast with the flowers.

Step 5
Once you are done wrapping the bouquet, the next step is to accessorize it. You could use pearl tipped pushpins for the same. Start from the top and apply the pushpins all the way to the bottom of the bouquet. While you apply pins, make sure that they fall in the same line. One should only be able to see the pearls sticking out and not the pins.

French wrap your bouquet and you could enhance its overall appeal significantly.