6 Unique Flower Ideas for your Wedding

Wedding is all about love beauty and celebration. And, flowers for sure form a part of the celebration. So, here are the some unique flower ideas to make the big day of your life really special. Use them and see for yourself how they make a difference to your big day. Forget the traditional usage of flowers and incorporate these ideas to witness some truly innovative floral arrangements and decorations.

Play with the centerpieces
Some simple flowers when clubbed together could work as great centerpieces. Club some dense bunches of Queen Anne's Lace with some ivy and set it in a big vase as the table centerpiece. You could also use a number of small tumblers or bottles for the same.

Go for the silky option
Silk flowers in place of real ones could help you save on a lot of money. Also, if you wish to keep your bridal bouquet even after your wedding then you could easily get a craftsman to do it for you. You could get almost every flower made in silk at much lower prices. Also various silk flowers can also be used to decorate various gift items and for other packaging requirements.

Let the groom bloom
The boutonnieres for the groom and the groomsmen could very well go on the wild side. Look for mini calla lilies, mini sunflowers or anything that’s off the league. A wild flower also has the capability to liven up an otherwise dull tuxedo. You could also use some small ribbon strips to go with it.

Bridesmaids have to be different too
Bouquets in the hands of bridesmaids are passé. Get some delicate floral wreaths prepared for your bridesmaids' hair and let them look different. They could carry small purses in their hands as they walk down the aisle or just keep their hands clasped.

Tie your bouquet
A little stem show in case of your bridal bouquet is an idea that not much of the brides use today. Unstructured, ribbon tied bouquets that show a little of the stem look extremely well. You could also ask you florist to wrap your bouquet in to some rich and soft satin, silk or organza.

Follow the footsteps
Know about the flowers that your grandma carried to the aisle and use the similar ones for yourself. This is a very unique idea to remember someone very close to your heart. You could thus also honor a deceased person and make your big day remarkable.