Is Having 2 Florists A Good Idea?

Wedding flowers account for an integral and one of the most crucial aspects of any wedding. From the bridal bouquet to the venue décor, you need them for just about everything. Thankfully enough, you have professional vendors who can help you with your wedding flower requirements. While most individuals hire only a single florist for their wedding, there are some who choose to hire two. Though the idea of hiring two florists for your wedding may be marked by skepticism, it isn't that bad after all.

People who choose to hire two florists for their wedding usually get their wedding flower requirements fulfilled in parts. For instance, one florist may take care of the arrangement for the engagement, while the other may be in charge of the D day. In some cases, the responsibilities may be distributed amidst the two florists. One of the two florists may be responsible for the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, while the other may take care of the venue décor.

Even though most people are apprehensive about using two florists, there can be several benefits of doing the same. Firstly, you get the chance to enjoy specialized services. A particular florist may be great at venue décor but may not be able to offer the best bouquets. Hiring two different florists who specialize in individual domains will help you get the best for your wedding.

Further on, the scope for error is significantly marginalized when you are hiring two different florists. If you are hiring a single florist, then you can expect the same mistake in all the wedding flower arrangements. But when you are hiring two florists, you can expect one part of your wedding flower arrangements to be in the right place. So, even if your centerpieces are not as desired, you can expect your bridal bouquet to be just perfect.

While hiring two florists for your wedding is not a bad idea at all, you must exercise great caution when doing the same. Different florists have their own viewpoints and perceptions as regards wedding flower arrangements. So, you need to ensure that the two reach a common consensus. If both the florists are working in opposite directions, then your wedding is going to be nothing more than an assortment of colors.

It is not so difficult to create uniformity and a common theme despite using two florists. Simply set up a common color palette or the flowers that you would want to use for the reference of both the florists. To make things simpler, you could even set a basic idea for the flower arrangements. For instance, you may brief both the florists if you want something that is uber sophisticated or if you are looking for more casual arrangements.

So, in case you are thinking of hiring two different florists, go ahead as the idea may work out in your favor.