Top 5 Modern Wedding Flowers

Classic weddings work great but there is no harm in taking a slightly different route and opting for a modern wedding. If you are looking at a modern wedding, then the following modern wedding flowers will be of great help.

The eye catchy shape of this flower makes it apt for modern weddings. Unlike most flowers, this one has a well defined shape. A hybrid flower, Astrantias can serve as a perfect add on to the bridal bouquet. You could even use the flower for venue décor by placing single buds in a row. This flower is available in several color options like red, pink, gold, yellow, purple and the like. And, since this flower is quite inexpensive, you will not have a hard time accommodating it in your budget.

Lotus pod
This may not be a conventional wedding flower, but it can enhance your wedding flower arrangements remarkably. Lotus pods are not really flowers but can be used as an accessory for wedding flower arrangements. They can add a unique appeal to your wedding flower arrangements. Since these lotus pods are available all round the year, you will not even have a tough time looking for them. Use them for the venue décor and you are sure to create a stellar effect.

In case you wish to create a breathtaking effect with your wedding flower arrangements, Leucadendrons are the way to go. These exotic flowers are modern, chic and stylish. This flower is native to South Africa and offers you close to 80 varieties to choose from. Available in bright red and pale pink, this wedding flower can be used for bridal bouquets. It can also be used for boutonnières. These are medium sized flowers so you will not have any difficulty using them.

Spider Mum
If you do not like the petaled variety of flowers, this one is the way to go. As the name suggests, this flower has a spider like appearance. It is a long stemmed flower with extremely sleek petal like structures coming out. You can add a few of these to add an exotic and modern appeal to your bridal bouquet. Alternatively, you can also put together a group of these flowers and use them for the venue décor.

This wedding flower works extremely well as filler for flower arrangements. You can club them with other flowers and use them for centerpieces. The best part about this flower is that it's florets look stunning even when the flowers dry out. Yarrows are available in white, orange, pink, red and yellow. And, since these flowers are extremely inexpensive, you can use them as you want.

Use any of these flowers to lend a modern touch to your wedding.