World's Most Expensive Wedding Bouquet

How much would the best wedding bouquets cost? Probably a few hundred dollars! If that sounds too much then how would you react to a wedding flower bouquet that is priced at $125,000. Well, that's the price of the world's most expensive wedding bouquet.

Made of red and white gemstone flowers, the world's most expensive wedding bouquet is a sheer delight to watch. Petals of roses, lilies and orchids have been assimilated carefully to create the most beautiful bouquet ever. These petals have been crafted together in a unique fashion, which makes it look absolutely breathtaking.

The bouquet is not just adorned with flowers but with countless precious stones as well. It is embellished with ninety gemstones and nine uncut diamonds. And if that was not it, the bouquet also carries a huge star shaped ruby. The ninety gemstones used in the bouquet weigh two carat each. While the diamonds used are of one carat each, the ruby stands at an unbelievable figure of 21.6-carat. With such expensive embellishments, the wedding bouquet had to be the world's most expensive for sure.

It is not just precious stones that adorn the world's most luxurious wedding bouquet. There are several kinds of stones, paints and feathers as well that have been used to enhance the beauty quotient of the wedding bouquet. To add on, a 100 year old focus is also used to up the looks of the already posh wedding bouquet.

This extremely expensive bouquet holds great significance not just because of it's unexplainable beauty or hefty price but also for the message that it conveys. Gemstone flowers have been the traditional symbol of eternal love. This luxurious bouquet is known to convey happiness to all married couples. The king size ruby encrusted on the bouquet symbolizes the sun, freedom and power. On the other hand, the diamond used in the bouquet is symbolic of purity and innocence.

With due courtesy to the expensive embellishments, the wedding bouquet has been valued at $125,000. Quite a price, must say! All thanks to its lavish adornments and the heft price, the bouquet has made its official entry into the Vietnamese "Guinness Book of World Records". At present, the wedding flow bouquet stands on display in Ruby Plaza in Hanoi, which is one of the most sophisticated market places in Vietnam. The wedding flower bouquet has been displayed on the 6th floor for people to see.

Of course, not all of us can afford this heavily priced bouquet. But, like they say it is all in the feeling. Even if you carry a bouquet that is just worth $100, it is going to make you feel just as special.