Most Popular Contemporary Flowers

Wedding flowers have a lot to do with determining the overall appeal of your wedding. So, if you wish to create a contemporary wedding, then it is only apt that you use flowers that reflect the same modern taste. Here is a look at some of the most popular contemporary wedding flowers.

This one makes to the list of popular contemporary flowers primarily due to its glamorous appeal. This flower is shaped in the form of a plume and has spike like petals protruding from all side. Veronica makes for an excellent add-on to wedding flower arrangements and centerpieces. The flower is available in white, pink and blue colors.

If simple and sober is your taste then this contemporary wedding flower is the best choice. Bouvardia is a small sized bloom and can be used for just about any purpose. You could club this with larger flowers for the bridal bouquet or use it alone for the venue d├ęcor. Choose from white, pink, peach and red color options.

A distinct shape and an even more unique design makes this flower the choice of many contemporary brides. Alstromeria is adorned with a distinct design on its petals, that makes these flowers stand out from the rest. Usually, these flowers grow in clusters and are hence used in the same manner too. And what's more? This modern bloom is affordable too. It is available in several color options namely- purple, red, pink, lavender, yellow and white.

Cala lily
Irrespective of how many times this flower has been used, it still makes for a popular choice. The slender and sleek nature of cala lilies puts them in the contemporary slot. It is a beautiful flower and works really well for contemporary wedding bouquets. Since this flower is available all the year round, you should not have a problem procuring it. Cala lilies are available in a vast plethora of color options like pink, yellow, red, ivory, orange and burgundy.

Freesia is another fairly commonly used contemporary flower. You could use them in combination with other flowers for the wedding bouquet. Freesias also make for a great choice for centerpieces. The best part about this wedding flower is that it has a wonderful scent. So, if you want a sweet smelling bouquet then this one is the absolute choice.

Gloriosa lily
This flower has beautiful reflux petals and stamens that make it an absolutely stunning option in contemporary flowers. It is the beautiful and stunning nature of these flowers that make them a great choice for bridal hair and corsages.

Use these contemporary flowers and give your wedding a modern and fashionable touch.