Orange Wedding Flowers- The Hottest Trend This Season

White, ivory, pink…are some wedding flowers that have been done to the core. If you want to do something unique to your wedding then orange wedding flowers are the perfect thing to have. Orange wedding flowers bring in a unique amount of versatility and can be used in which ever way you want. Use them to create a contemporary look or to add a more romantic feel, it is completely your choice.

Color Combinations
Though you can use orange wedding flowers alone, using them in combination with other colors will bring out the true beauty of this color. Here are the best combinations that you can go in for if orange wedding flowers are your choice.

Orange and fuchsia- This color combination has been done to death and is still highly popular. Use it for the bridal bouquet or for the venue décor and you are sure to create the perfect style statement.

Orange and canary yellow- This is quite a happy combination and is apt for summer weddings. You can also go in for this combination if you are planning a causal wedding. Using orange and yellow for the centerpieces is a great idea.

Orange and moss green- This is particularly a great option if you are using a very bright or dark shade of orange. The subtle and calm shade of moss green tames down the combination. This is the perfect option for outdoor weddings.

Orange and velvet brown-
If you want to add a sophisticated and lush feel to your wedding, then this combination is the perfect choice. Orange and brown wedding flower centerpieces make for a unique style statement.

Popular choices
You have ample options when it comes to choosing orange wedding flowers for your choice. Here are some of the most popular ones.

* Gerbera Daisies - These wedding flowers add a dash of richness to the whole ambience with their lush orange color. You could use pink and orange daisies together for centerpieces.
* Calla Lilies - This again is a great option and works well with almost anything. It is a good choice for bridal bouquets.
* Protea - The unique appearance of this flower makes it ideal for venue décor.
* Carnation - This flower is available in both rich orange and pale peach. You can use them in various shades to create a more textured look.
* Ranunculus - This wedding flower can be used for bridal bouquet, bridesmaid's bouquet as well as the centerpieces.
* Terracotta roses - Use them to decorate the wedding cake or add them to the bride's hair and they are sure to look a million bucks.
* Tulips - If you want to use a subdued orange for your wedding then pale peach tulips are a great choice.