Bringing Alive an Orchid Wedding Theme

Orchids are beautiful flowers that offer nothing less than 880 genera and 28,000 types for you to select from. They are available in many beautiful colors hues and blends. If you are planning to have a floral wedding theme for your big day then orchids would just serve the right purpose. These are delicate flowers with twisted and unique shaped leaves that are just perfect to grace the occasion. And, what makes them an even more favored choice is the fact that you can do so much with orchids!

For a bride who has a real exotic and wild taste and sense of color, nothing could serve better than orchids for her big day. Well, let's take a look at what all can you do with orchids to make your wedding a truly memorable and an extremely beautiful affair!

Wedding Decorations
The best part about orchids is that they come in various color blends. The flower is not single in color and so it lends a beautiful and colorful look to your wedding venue. You could hang around cascading orchid bouquets from the walls and decorate the tables and the aisle with all different colors or orchids.

Table arrangements and centerpieces
Just place a few stem of orchids in a glass flower vase and match it with some scented candles and you are all set to get the best centerpieces for your wedding. You could also enhance the table decorations by placing several slim vases with single orchid stems. Just wait and watch the kind of beauty they would exhibit!

Bridal bouquet
A bridal bouquet made with fresh orchids even tied in a simple bunch with some lace and ribbon is enough to give complex to even the most expensive bridal bouquets. You could just take up Miltassia orchids, Oncidium orchids and cymbidium orchids and have a beautiful bridal bouquet exhibiting the various hues of pink in the most perfect way!

However, if you do not want to sport a pink bridal bouquet then you have numerous other wild choices to get yourself a multicolored bouquet all made with orchids. Not only the bridal bouquet but also the bouquets of bridesmaids could all be made with orchids of all different colors.

Groom's boutonniere
A white dendrobium orchid is just the perfect orchid boutonniere choice for a groom with a sober taste. However, if the groom happens to have a vibrant taste then going for a colored orchid is the best thing to do!

Wedding favors
You could give away soaps with orchid fragrance to your guests and wrap them in boxes topped with a single orchid flower! They are bound to serve as beautiful wedding favors!

Perfect for weddings of all seasons, orchids are the best way to express your happiness on your big day. Their beautiful colors and vibrancy is all symbolic of starting over with a happy life ahead!