Add a Dash of Romance with Pink Wedding Flowers

Red and white roses are the default flowers at weddings. But if you are looking forward to break the traditional norms and want to try on something different, pink flowers are the perfect way to go. They are neither too drastically different and at the same time they serve as the perfect break from the monotonous red and white flowers.

Use pink flowers in multiple ways

Pink flowers can be used in numerous ways at weddings. These pink flowers can make their place in the bridal bouquets and corsages. Alternatively they can even be used for the venue décor as table centerpieces.

If you are using pink flowers for the bridal bouquets, then you can go in for the classic bouquet of roses. If you are wearing a oink gown and don't want everything "too pink" then you could team up pink with white roses. Alternatively a bridal bouquet of pink gerberas, daisies, or lilies will also look good. Some other pink wedding flowers that you could put to use are dahlia, hydrangea, and astib.

Pink wedding flowers work not just great for bridal bouquets but they work equally well for the venue décor. Round decoration made of bright pink gerberas will look great. If your wedding décor includes a lot of whites then go in for flowers in fuchsia. You could even use pink chrysanthemum as table centerpieces.

Choose the right pink

The color pink can be seen on wedding flowers in several hues and tones. While there are some flowers such as the gerberas that connote a lush bright pink color, there are some like the cymbidium lily that has white and pink streaks in it.

You should choose the right shade in pink depending upon various considerations such as the color of the wedding gown. And if you are using them for decoration purposes, you need to take into account other colors used at the venue. If you want to keep the look soft and subtle then pale pink orchids are a good option. And if you are looking for the vintage look then opt for the soft pink variety in roses.  

Pink alone or pink in combination?

Depending upon your needs and preferences, you can use either pink alone or pink in combination with other colors. Though a classic pink bouquet with a singular shade of pink wedding flowers looks good, there is no harm in being experimental and pairing up pink with other colors.

For a tonal look you can mix pink roses with red roses. A mixed arrangement of pink wedding flowers along with flowers in purple and lilac looks good. You could use flowers such as orchids and pansies. Remember, pink wedding flowers look best when used with lots of greens.

So go ahead and add that dash of romance to your wedding with pink wedding flowers.