Extrude Love with Red Wedding Flowers

Red is the color of passion and romance. And if you want your wedding to be filled with absolute exuberance and love all around then red wedding flowers are the perfect option. Red wedding flowers have been in use at wedding since ages and they till date create the same magic. You can use red wedding flowers the traditional way. Or if you have got bored with the same old red, you could get a bit experimental and use red in amazingly unique ways.

Quite contrary to the general perception, red wedding flowers are not just restricted to the bridesmaids' bouquets. Red wedding flowers can be used in more than just one way on your D-day. Here are some ideas to color your wedding red.

For the bridesmaids bouquet

There is absolutely nothing to beat a smashing red bridal bouquet. Red roses are the perfect option if you want to use red wedding flowers for the bridal bouquets. Two of the bets red rose varieties are 'grand Prix' and 'Passion'. These two red rose varieties have the perfect color and an absolutely velvet soft texture. Freesias and anthuruiums can be used for the bridal bouquet as well.

For the décor

If you want your wedding venue all bright, then red wedding flowers are the perfect option. You can use red wedding flowers as ceremony flowers of centerpieces. Red wedding flowers can be used in the form of a cascade or circular arrangements. Amaryllis can be used for the venue décor. This flower can give a large impact due to its large blooms. Flower like gladioli can also be used to add height.

For the wedding cake

Red wedding flowers can be even used to do up your wedding cake. A bunch of red roses scattered on a white wake will make that already delicious cake look even more tempting. Red wedding flowers such as rich red lilies can be used for the wedding cake. Red wedding flowers look spectacular on chocolate cakes too.

For bride's hair

Live flowers for bridal hair are a great way to add a dash of freshness and exuberance to the bride. One can use red wedding flowers such red roses, or cala lilies for the bridal hair. Another idea could be to use these red flowers in combination with a softer color like white. Wedding hair flowers such as red petunia or carnations with white orchids or tulips make for a great option.

For boutonnières

So you thought that red wedding flowers were just for the bride? Well, red wedding flowers can even be used as boutonnières for the groom. Just plug in a red rose as a boutonnière on the groom's black jacket and he is going to look dapper. Boutonnieres with red wedding flowers look great on white jackets too.

Paint your wedding red with these charming and sensual red wedding flowers.