How to Save Money on Flowers?

The most important thing after the bride and groom on a wedding are flowers. A wedding without flowers is like a cake without the icing. Flowers can give that perfect touch to your wedding and make even an ordinary affair look splendid and magnificent. There are no doubts that flowers are beautiful, but they can be quite expensive too.

Arranging these flowers splendidly for a wedding can be a little extravagant. You need to trim these flowers in the perfect fashion for centerpieces, bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres and other things. But do you really need a florist to get all this done? No, not really. You can get all this done by yourself. Don’t panic, its easy and can be done by one and all.

Instead of natural flowers, you can opt for silk flowers. These silk flowers are relatively inexpensive and are going to stay fresh for longer. While your original blooms die out soon after you say ‘I do’, these silk versions are still alive. You can purchase these silk flowers from any of the craft stores nearby.

When looking for these silk flowers, you shall find several options, so you can choose on easily. But it is not just silk flowers alone that can make for your complete bouquet. You also need some filler greenery and a bouquet holder to package your flowers in the best fashion.

Bundle all the flowers that you have chosen to make neat bunch. You could use single colored flowers or opt for flowers with different colors, as per your liking. Once you have created a neat bunch, trim the stems to give your flowers the same length. Plus it always gives your bouquet a clean and tidy look if the stems are well cut.

Put away this bunch into a fancy bouquet holder. This will make your bouquet complete. Stems if left like, that can look ugly and spoil the whole look of your bouquet. Thus it is always best to wrap the stems. You can wrap the stems with a floral tape. And in case you don’t approve too much of this floral tapes, a silk or satin ribbon should also work well.

Using the same steps as mentioned above, you can even create bouquets for attendants. These steps are simple and can be carried out by anyone. Even in the case of centerpieces you can follow the same steps. Bunch your flowers and neatly tie them and place them into vases. Your centerpieces are ready. You can work out corsages and boutonnieres too by cutting the stem and wrapping with floral steps.

So the next time you are working on the budget of a wedding, you know that you can at least make your savings on flowers if not anything else.