Opt For Silk Wedding Flower Corsages

Corsages are an important item in the wedding flower checklist. Real flower corsages are a thing of the times gone by. Silk wedding flower corsages are the in thing today. They are affordable and offer you the opportunity of using even the most exotic and expensive flowers for your corsage at a pocket friendly price. So, you can have them for the entire female attendance on the wedding without blowing your budget away.

And what more? Silk flower corsages offer you absolutely hassle free usage. Since they do not wilt or dry out, you can use them however you want to. You can even have them prepared a day or two in advance and use them on the day of the wedding.

Top Silk Flowers For Corsages
You have plenty of blooms to pick from when you are looking for a corsage. However, there are some flowers that make for a better choice as compared to others.

This petal shaped flower makes for a great option for corsages. It can easily be assimilated to make various interesting shapes and patterns.

Butter cup is a medium sized flower that works well when used for corsages. It's well defined shape make sure that your corsage does not look unkempt or messy.

If you are looking for flowers that are vibrant and beautiful, this one is the perfect option. When looking for silk Frangipani, you also have the option of going for dual colored flowers.

Freesia has always been a popular choice for silk corsages. Silk Freesias offer you even more liberty to play with this flower as you get countless color options to choose from.

This one is a small sized flower that can be used for corsages for not just the bride but others present at the event too. Since this flower is small in size, several flowers need to be assimilated together to create a corsage.

This one is a classic yet an absolutely great choice in wedding flowers for corsages. Some of the popular color options in this flower are red, white and yellow. You can always ask your silk flower supplier for additional colors.

Lilies are the perfect option for corsages for the modern bride. Since the flower is quite big in size, a single bloom would serve the purpose. Though lilies are slightly expensive, you can make great savings, when opting for the silk variety.


Rose is an all time favorite for wedding corsages. You can go in for a single colored corsage or opt for this flower in two or more shades to create a slightly diverse look.

Go ahead and get silk wedding flower corsages and you are sure to make the female attendants in the wedding happy.