The Charm of Homemade Wedding Favors is quite different

The offering of homemade favors on the eve of a wedding is a tradition running from one generation to another. As per this tradition, the grooms and brides present the wedding guests with gifts. The tradition is not confined to some particular cultures but it is prevalent almost all the cultures of the world. It shows the generosity of both bride and groom’s sides..

In almost all cultures across the world, the bride and groom are considered to be special for the entire family. It is believed that the bride and groom have a magical touch in their hands. With the homemade wedding favors, the couple passes the blessings and the charm to their friends and loved ones. The blessing is given in such a way that it mesmerizes everybody present at the wedding.

In early days, all the wedding favors were made at home. Now people usually don’t have the time to make wedding favors at home so they buy wedding favors. Many brides love to pack the beautiful gifts of almonds with the beautiful and elegant fabric. There is a wonderful tradition in the Middle East where the bride provides five almonds which represent fertility, longevity, health, happiness and prosperity.  

There are many kinds of wedding favors across many cultures and continents of the world. One of the most exclusive wedding favors is the candied nut which is also called as the Jordan almond.  This has been one of the most common and traditional wedding favors. These favors look all the more pretty when they are wrapped in the fancy and expensive fabric.

The gifts designed by the bride depend on the culture and the type of material preferred in that particular culture. The women in Europe and the US, as part of their wedding favors, create small boxes that hold items like  fruits, nuts and wide variety of candied treats.     

The charm of gifting and receiving home made wedding favors is very different from buying ready made favors. Homemade wedding favors convey the affection that the bride and groom and their families have for the guests.