Things Required To Make A Bridal Bouquet

These days many people prefer to create their own bridal bouquet rather than buying one from the market. Making your own bridal bouquet not just lends a personal touch but also helps you save a lot of money. If you are considering a DIY bridal bouquet, then there are few things that you will need in the process. Here are a few items that you will require when making a bridal bouquet.

Plastic trays and bowls
You will need these if you want a huge or a grand bridal bouquet. These plastic trays and bowls are used for flower arranging. These plastic trays serve as a base for the flowers. Instead of clipping all the flowers together, these plastic bowls serve as a stand where in you can fix all the flowers. You can find these plastic trays and bowls in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Corsage pins and magnets
Though the name says corsage pins and magnets, they are not used for corsages alone. They can even be used for bridal bouquet. These pins allow you to tick in flowers, pearls or stones anywhere in the bouquet easily. The magnets help you put flowers and various other accessories together. Corsage pins and magnets are a great choice if you want to add additional embellishments to your bouquet.

Florist scissors and knives
Quite often you would need to chop the stems of the flowers or cut other things. A florist scissors works best for this purpose. These scissors are specifically designed for use in bouquet making and floral arrangement. You may also need floral knives to dissect flower stems in the middle.

Ribbon shredders
Have you notices the twisted and coiled ribbons that are attached to the bouquet at the end? If you too want to mould your ribbon like this then you would need ribbon shredders for this purpose.

Foliage removers
Before you use flowers for the bouquet, you would need to remove all the unnecessary foliage. Doing this by hand can be quite time consuming. Thus, you can take help of foliage removers for this purpose.

Thorn strippers
This tool proves to be of great help in removing thorns from the flowers.

Florist spray paint
Sometimes, you may not like the color of the flower used. You can easily change the color of the flower by using floral spray paint. These sprays are generally used to give flowers unconventional colors such as golden, silver, copper and the like. You could even use florist glitter spray paints.

Florist tape
You need to stick around flowers to put them together. Florist tape comes handy for this purpose. Ordinary tape does not work as well for flower arrangements.

So, the next time you are considering making a bridal bouquet, make sure you have all this handy.