Tips on Preserving Wedding Flowers

The beauty of a bride is accentuated by the grace with which she carries a bouquet of flowers. As she walks down the isle, to the wedding ceremony, her bridesmaids escort her with flowers and the bridal party showers her with flowers. Flowers are the key to a wedding decoration and hence figure in the list of priorities during wedding planning.

However, flowers have to be preserved till the day of the marriage. Preserving wedding flowers always proves to be a tough job. Here are some tips to preserve your flowers before the wedding reception:

* Make sure that the box in which you want to store the flowers is properly frozen, before keeping the flowers in them.

* There is green spongy foam called the Oasis foam, at the tip of the plastic wrapping of a bouquet. Pour just enough water into the sponge. Make sure that the sponge is moist but, do not soak it completely. This helps to keep the flowers fresh.

* If your bouquet is not wrapped in plastic and is hand-tied, soak paper towels and apply them to the base of the bouquet, near the stem. This will provide additional moisture to the bouquet.

* Try and keep the bouquet as long as possible in the fridge, possibly in the middle of the fridge, away from the door or in an air-conditioned room.

Hope, these simple but basic tips help you in the preservation of your very much cherished flowers.