Top 10 Wedding Flower Mistakes You Must Avoid

Want your wedding flowers to strike an impression? Make sure that you avoid the following mistakes.

Not looking at the big picture
Quite often it happens that people tend to concentrate only on the individual floral pieces. However, they forget to concentrate on the bigger picture. You need to look at how different pieces will look when placed together.

Booking the florist on the last day
Your florist needs time to understand your requirements and the need of the venue. So, when you book your florist on the last day, you leave him with no option but to make ordinary floral arrangements.

Not trusting your florist
Many couples keep on nagging their florists because they don't believe in them. Avoid this. Once you have chosen a florist, have trust in him. Convey your likes, dislikes and expectations and leave the rest to him.

Leaving no scope for flexibility

It is quite possible that the flowers you like may not be available. Or, they may not go well with the theme of the wedding. Be a little flexible and be willing to compromise.

Eliminating expensive flowers completely

You may want to stick to your budget but do not rule out the expensive blooms completely. They may be dearly priced but there are some blooms that take up larger space and have a great impact. So, do give them some consideration.

Using a single color
Do not go in for a single color scheme. Choosing lavender flowers because the color of the bridesmaids dress is lavender is a bad idea. It will make the whole color palette monotonous and boring. Go in for contrasting colors and you are sure to have the best of pics.

Choosing flowers with a strong scent
Strongly scented flowers may sound like a good idea but they can drive your guests crazy. This is more so if they are allergic to certain scents. If you want to use scented flowers, restrict them to the bridal bouquet.

Not giving blooms the needed attention
Just because you have your flower arrangements in place need not mean that you are done. You need to take care of your flowers to ensure that they last through the ceremony.

Too much DIY
DIY does save money. But if you are trying to do everything on your own, it may end up being more expensive than hiring a florist. You may buy things that you wouldn't need and blow up your budget.

Ordering flowers too late
Many people think that the later they order flowers the better it is as the flowers will stay fresh. But, if you want your blooms to be arranged perfectly order them well on time.