Top 5 Beach Casual Wedding Flowers

Arranging a beach casual wedding? Make sure that you opt for wedding flowers that suit the same. Here are some top picks in beach casual wedding flowers.

This is one of the best wedding flowers to have if you are organizing a beach wedding or a casual wedding. Astrantias is a hybrid flower that works well for causal wedding because of its unique shape and structure. You can use this flower for the venue décor in the form of mixed flower arrangements. Placing a single bud along the aisle will also serve the purpose pretty well. Astrantias is available in several exciting color options like gold, yellow, pink, red, green and white.

If you like all things vibrant then this flower is the perfect option for you. The beautiful star shape of these wedding flowers makes them apt for use in bridal bouquets, wreaths and even venue décor. Create a smooth flowing trail of these flowers centered along the garden periphery. Though this flower works best in purple, there are other interesting color options like blue, red, and yellow too. These flowers are easily available during the summer season.

Get these flowers and you will have the most hassle free yet extremely beautiful centerpieces for your casual wedding. Craspedias are flowers that resemble a round lollypop. They have a dotted structure, which makes them all the more appealing. Add a hint of color to these flowers by using colored foliage and they are sure to look a million bucks. Since these flowers are moderately priced, you should not have a problem buying them.

Quite unlike conventional wedding flowers, Muscari lends a casual yet very glamorous feel to your wedding. They are tightly clustered flowers that resemble and inverted bunch of grapes. Their supple heads and small stems makes them easy to wire, which makes them apt for wreaths. You can also use them to decorate the aisle. The bright purple-blue color of these wedding flowers is sure to add a vibrant and striking appeal to your wedding. These flowers are easily available during the spring season.

Though these flowers fall in the casual category, they are sure to add an exotic touch to your wedding. Also known as mini lilies, these flowers have a casual yet very sophisticated appeal. Opt for this flower in bright and vibrant colors like red, pink, orange or stick to the classic white and you are sure to make a style statement. Also, these wedding flowers are available all the year round, you will not have any difficulty arranging for them.

Go ahead and pep up the causal quotient of your wedding with these casual flowers.