Top 5 Classic Wedding Flowers

Nothing beats the charm of a classic vintage style wedding. Create the classic charm to the hilt by using some of the best classic wedding flowers. Here are some of them.

Nothing beats the classic charm of these white wedding flowers. Their vintage appeal is sure to lend a classic touch to your wedding. Featuring long stems and tulip like flowers, these flowers make for an excellent option for bridal bouquets. Foxgloves also serve great purpose if you are trying to create wedding flower arrangements that have height and exude grandeur. The large blooms add sheer opulence and work well for centerpieces as well. Foxgloves are easily available during the spring season.

If you are looking for a bridal bouquet that is classic and elegant, then Hyacinths are the way to go. Their well defined shape and structure makes them absolutely apt for bridal bouquets. Hyacinths also make a great choice for boutonnieres. If you want, you can also use hyacinths for venue d├ęcor. This flower offers you several exciting color options to choose from namely red, blue, yellow, orange and pink. If you wish to take the classic route, you can stick to the conventional white.

Add a dash of color and a bit of charm to your wedding with these small but beautiful blooms. Hydrangea is available in clusters and works well when used as a part of elaborate flower arrangements. From a feminine pink to a more vibrant blue, these flowers give you ample options to choose from. The only downside to these wedding flowers is that they are quite expensive. So, make sure that you check the budget before you give them a final nod.

When a classic wedding theme is clubbed with a dash of quirk, the results are bound to be outstanding. This is exactly what Ranunculus does for you. The multiple layers of this flower make it apt for use in wedding flower arrangements where in you want to add texture. You can group these flowers to create a stellar bouquet or use single buds as centerpieces. This flower is available in all radiant hues like orange, yellow, red and violet.

These extremely delicate wedding flowers signify commitment. They resemble delicate powder puffs and are ideally used as filler for centerpieces. Available in soft shades like ivory, white, green and pink, they make for subtle addition to your wedding flower arrangements. In case you are using these flowers, make note that they need a lot of water to stay fresh. Using florist's foam to keep them fresh makes for a great idea.

Opt for these classic wedding flowers and your wedding will be an affair to remember.