Top 5 Glamorous Wedding Flowers

The present day brides wish to make their wedding a glamorous and stylish affair. If you too want to make your wedding stunning then the following glamorous wedding flowers will be of great help.

A member of the lily family, this flower is sure to add oodles of glamour to your wedding. The dual color of these wedding flowers makes them extremely stylish. If you are looking at an elaborate bridal bouquet like nosegay or cascade, this flower makes for a perfect option. Amaryllis also fits perfectly in oversized arrangements. These large blooms are available in several color options like red, pink, orange and salmon. Amaryllis is an expensive flower so make sure that it fits into your budget before you use it.

Euphorbias are not like the conventional wedding flowers but work great when added to flower arrangements. They have long stalks, which extrude countless small petals. Put them in transparent vases and use them as centerpieces or use them for the venue d├ęcor. In case, you want you can use these flowers for the flower girl's hair also. They have a casual appeal and yet look absolutely glamorous.

Gloriosa lilies
An extremely beautiful flower, this one is sure to add oodles of glamour to your wedding. It has wavy petals, each of which are as solid as individual blooms. To add to it is a stiff stem that makes these flowers not just exotic but sturdy enough too. Gloriosa lilies are available in three vibrant color options namely red, yellow and orange. These flowers are available all the year round, so you should not have a problem picking them. Gloriosa lilies are very expensive.

Want to add a unique touch to your wedding? This exotic flower is the way to go. It has a peculiar shape that make it stand out even in a vast gamut of flowers. Helebores is a five petaled flower that has open petals, which make it stand out. On the inside, the flower has exotic little specks, which make it even more beautiful. This flower is the perfect choice if you are considering a bouquet that exudes sophistication. The only downside to this wedding flower is that it is extremely expensive.

Lenten roses
Even though the name says rose, this flower is way too different from a conventional rose. This five petaled flower looks extremely beautiful when added to bridal bouquets or flower arrangements. Its delicate nature makes it apt for the bride's hair as well. Lenten roses are a great option if you wish to add a dash of spring to your wedding flower arrangements. Lenten roses are slightly expensively priced.

Pick any of these flowers and your wedding is sure to be a stellar affair.