Top 5 Romantic Wedding Flowers

Your wedding is the beginning of a romantic journey. So, why not make this journey even more romantic by opting for some of the best romantic wedding flowers.

Andromedas are the best choice in wedding flowers for those who wish to lend their wedding a romantic appeal. They are beautiful bitty bell like flowers that appear on evergreen shrubs during the spring season. These flowers can be used as filler to wedding flower arrangements. Used alone, these flowers make an excellent option for centerpieces. These flowers also work well when used as table runners. You can also use them for the bridal bouquet to add texture.

A beautiful star shaped flower, this one is an option to vouch for in case you want to add a romantic feel to your wedding. You can use them in long trails to decorate the wedding tent or club a couple of them together to create stunning centerpieces. A single bloom when added to the bride's hair also works well. This wedding flower is available in all romantic hues like purple, red, blue, pink and even white. Make note that Clematises are one of the most expensive wedding flowers.

Simple, chic and absolutely romantic, these flowers fit well in every type of wedding. They make for a great filler. You can add them to your centerpieces or use them along with other flowers to decorate the aisle. Ginestras can also be used to make wreaths for the flower girls. If you are opting for a cascading bouquet, then you can use this flower to create a cascading effect in your bouquet. And, the best part about this flower is that it is absolutely inexpensive, so you will not have a problem fitting them in your budget.

Parrot tulips
Another very romantic flower, this one can be used for almost every purpose. Use them for the boutonnière or the bridal hair, it is completely your call. Its ruffled edges and pin stripes make it a great choice for bridal bouquets also. Parrot tulips are available in multiple color options such as pink, orange, apricot, white, red, purple and the like. These flowers are easily available in fall and early summer.

Soleil D' or Narcissus

If you are the one who votes for classic romance then this flower is the way to go. Their classic white and yellow combination adds romance to your wedding in a classic and vintage fashion. It is a member of the Daffodil family and can be used in several ways. Club these small blooms together to create beautiful centerpieces or add them to the bridal bouquet to add texture.

Use these flowers and your wedding is sure to boast of romance.