Top Ten Fragrant Flowers

When looking for the perfect flowers for your wedding, there are numerous things that you need to consider such as their shape, color. Yet another thing that you need to bear in mind is the fragrance of the flowers. Though every bloom has its own fragrance, there are some that are more pleasant smelling than the rest. Here is a run down of the ten most fragrant flowers.

This is one of the most fragrant flowers. It has a pleasant and strong fragrance. Some people often describe the scent of Gardenia as heavenly. Gardenia is not suggested if you are looking for a flower with a mild scent.

For those who are looking for flowers with a delicate scent, Freesia is the best choice. It has a wonderful delicate scent that is sure to leave you mesmerized. Despite being very fragile, the fragrance of this flower lasts for long.

This beautiful flower finds numerous uses the world over primarily due to its fragrance. Women in different parts of Asia use this flower to adorn their hair primarily because of its smell. It is even added to aromatic teas to enhance their aroma.

Lavender is one of the most beautiful flowers that has an equally beautiful and distinct fragrance which sets it apart from the rest. It is because of the exquisite scent of this flower that it is often used in flower sachets and potpourri.


Lilac has a very summery fragrance. So, you can go ahead with this one if you are opting for a summer wedding. Different lilacs have different scents.

Casablanca Lily
This beautiful bloom is well known for its magnificent structure and irresistible fragrance. The scent of this flower is very strong. So, when using this flower, make sure that other flowers used in the wedding have a milder scent.

Narcissus is again one of the flowers with a very powerful smell. In fact, the mystic fragrance of this flower was used by Romans to create a perfume called Narcisssinum.

Orange blossom
If you appreciate citrus smells then this one is the way to go. The flower has a summery and citrus fragrance which works well for summer as well as garden weddings.

There is no way you can miss rose when talking about fragrant flowers. It has a beautiful fragrance that is neither too mild nor too strong. The fragrance of this flower varies from one type to the other.

Tuberose has a highly sensuous floral scent. This flower makes for a hot favorite in the perfume industry. It has a heady floral scent that is sure to leave you with all smiles.

Opt for any of these flowers and you are sure to have a perfectly scented wedding.